Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Chilly 40th Birthday

Happy Mother's Day!  I hope that you are enjoying a glorious day.  I've been asked by several people to share the pictures from my sister's 40th birthday party hosted by me, my mom, and my sister Wendi.  Well here ya go.  We had a wonderful time celebrating her birthday with friends and family.  It was a chilly one, but lots of fun, nonetheless!  Here's Shelby and baby Justin chewing on his glo gun.  Those things are really neat!!

The big "40" sign, and the front of Mom and Dad's house below.


The birthday girl getting hugs from her guests.

Smile Gracee!!
My mom.

Trevor being silly and Uncle Kev seeming unamused.
Sister Wendi and Madisyn.  Awwww.
Al and the crew around the campfire.  The warmest place around!!
The view of the decks.  It's so pretty here!!
Tanner's in the middle of a big story.  Whatcha gonna do with that glo gun, Sheriff?
I think I've seen pictures like this on Pioneer Woman's blog.  Running the length of the hay bales really is what country kids do for fun.

The big kids, too!!
Blowing out the candles.  Her daughter made the cake.  Kyleigh's our culinary genius!!
Sure is good cake!!
Sisters three.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you enjoy the pictures, and again, Happy Mother's Day to all you special moms and every woman who touches so many lives in wonderful ways!
God bless you today and always.

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

Oh Lorie, it looks like so much fun...glad you had a good time. Even with the chilly weather I just know you all had a great time...your mom looks so young...just like you and your sisters..It was good to see Trevor goofing off and having such a good time, what a special treat...Happy Mothers day to you my friend...mwahh...Hugs,

Judy McMullen said...

Lorie, thanks so much for sharing the pix of the birthday celebration! Even though it was a cold day it looks like everyone was enjoying themselves. Love the pix of true country... running/walking on the hay bales! Terrific picture of you and your sisters! What a beautiful spot on this earth!!!

MiamiKel said...

Oh Lorie, what glorious pictures! Thank you for sharing this most special day with us to see ~ truly a magnificent place! It's just a breath of fresh air to see the beautiful country God has given us, and a lucky bunch ya'll are to live there! WOW! I've missed all the planning and prep but this looks like a truly fun event and you pulled out all the trimmings to make it so special! What a lovely family, pulled together with fun and festivities and sprinkled with love and blessings! Happy Birthday to the birthday girl :) Hugs from Miami!

Becky said...

Happy Birthday day...Thanks for sharing all those wonderful pictures with us. :)

Jessie said...

It looks like it was a really fun party!

Unknown said...

Aww wow Lorie!! Thanks for sharing this happy episode in your life. You have a lovely family and you all looked to have had a brilliant day!
(I would have given a gold clock to join you)!
Big hugs Viv xxx

Janice W. said...

Great pictures Lorie! You look a lot like your Mom and I love the Sisters 3 picture. Nothing better than sisters! I have been blessed with 8.
Hugs, Janice

kadie said...

Oh my gosh, Lorie, what a fun party!! Your sisters are SO CUTE! My family loves sitting around the campfire. What great memories! I love love the pics of the kids on the hay bales. Thanks so much for sharing these with us. It looks like your sis had a Fab 40th! And happy happy belated Mom's Day to you, Sweetie!

specialcraftmom4 said...

Oh Lorie it looks like you had a wonderful birthday party for your sister! Thanks for sharing these happy pictures (: