Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ginger Painting & Kiss! Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

Hello!  We just got back from a trip to Green Bay, Wisconsin to visit Peachy Keen Headquarters, and we had such a wonderful visit with Kathy, Dave, and family!!  Allen is still on cloud nine after spending three days at Rock USA in OshKosh, WI with Dave.  They enjoyed some really awesome concerts, which included Daughtry, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Journey, and Cheap Trick, just to name a few.  The highlight of Rock USA was the closing concert on Saturday night, which was of course, KISS!!  Dave pulled out all the stops with his complete Gene Simmons costume, and he was a HUGE hit!!  After nearly 400 pictures, and a meet and greet with none other than Gene Simmons himself (and the rest of the band), you can understand why neither Allen or Dave will be coming down off of  cloud nine anytime soon!!!   Here's a few photos:

 Dave getting the finishing touches on his costume.
 Wonder if there were any Gene Simmons sightings on the road to OshKosh on Saturday night?
 Allen with the band.  He looks so happy to be there!  Those are autographs from the band around his neck.
 But not as happy as Dave!!!!!!!
What a show!!!!
 Now this is Allen's favorite band, and has been since the 1970's.
 Sweet Home Alabama!

Okay, so I know this picture is REALLY tiny, but I had to snag it off of Kathy's FB page, because they weren't quite finished when I left Green Bay, so I didn't get a picture.  Anywho, THIS is what Kathy and I did while Dave and Allen were rockin' out at Rock USA!   These are soooo sweet and were so much fun to paint and paper piece.  A dream come true, I'm tellin' ya!  Painting with the Paint On A Happy Face author!  I never in a million years would have thought THAT would EVER happen, and I guess you it could be said that I'm still on cloud nine, too!  Oh well, Allen and I both like the view from here!!!  ;-)    Thank you, Dave, Kathy and family!  It was a blast!!!!
Thanks for stopping by!  Wishing you loads of love and happy stamping/painting!!



April said...

So glad you all had fun! Thanks for the great pictures - I can see why y'all are still flying high!!

Rufus said...

Whoopee, no wonder ya'll are still on cloud 9 somewhere! What fun

Glora said...

SWEET! A little bit of heaven for EVERYONE!!!! Hugs- Glora

DoBea A. said...

Lorie, the boys looked like they had a ball. And by looking at the gingers, it looked like you and Kathy did too! They look so cute. Adrianne and I were marveling over them on Monday morning. I wish I would have been in town to see you again!

KathyJ Peachy Keen Stamps said...

I suck.. I just saw this!! I loved every second of being with you and Al! You are an inspiration to us all! Your coloring is amazing and I will forever hail you the "QUEEN OF COPICS"!! Love you, Lorie!! :) HUGE HUGS! Kathy