Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Hello, and happy Tuesday! No card to share with you today, but I thought I would introduce you to our newest additon. This is Miss Lola. Lola came to us just before Christmas as an 8 week old puppy. I received an email from a friend with her pictures attached asking if we would be willing to give her a home. You might notice that Miss Lola has a slight imperfection. Can you find it? It's her right ear...or...lack of one. Apparently, Lola's mommy didn't think she would need it, because she nibbled it off shortly after she was born. CRAZY MAMMA! Anyway, Lola needed a home, as the breeder obviously couldn't sell her because of her flawed ear, and our family being the suckers we are for an adorable face, couldn't resist. I took this picture right after I gave Lola her first haircut. I left the fur she has on her right ear longer in an attempt to grow her what looks like an ear. I don't know if it will grow out long enough or not, but we're working on it. At any rate, we think she's pretty cute just the way she is, and she has one doozy of a personality. She is a lot of fun, and keeps us constantly entertained. She's very sweet and loving, and we don't know what we ever did without her! Oliver, on the other hand, is not so enthused about Lola's coming to live with us, but he's starting to come around. Below you will see more of what I mean.

This would be Oliver, Lola, and my son's Pomeranian (Phoebe) in a three way tug of war over a stuffed reindeer. Mind you they each have their own stuffed reindeer, but playing with your own toy wouldn't be at all fun, now would it?
Little Lola can just about take them both. She sure holds her own against them anyway.

We love our furry friends, imperfections and all!

Love ya!


kadie said...

Awwwww, Welcome to the Fam, Lola!!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet baby! And who needs a dangley ear anyway! Bless you for taking her in!

Lauri said...

She is so cute!! Thanks for sharing the pictures!