Monday, May 25, 2009

Sassy Stampers...As Promised!

Thanks so much to my sweet friend Stephanie for emailing me the photos from stamp club last week. As promised, here are those Jefferson City Sassy Stampers in action. We have such a good time!! Doesn't Margie look happy about her little purse? Your smile is so pretty, Margie!!
Around the table from left to right, we have Karen, Geana, Pam, and part of Margie. :-)

Working on their recipe pages, we have (from left to right), Diana, Stephanie, Lauren, and Crystal. Both Lauren and Crystal are my downline girls, and both are going to have babies! Lauren in just about a week, and Crystal in August. I'm very careful to NEVER drink the water down there!! ;-)

Here we have a picture of Cheryl and Bobbie! They both look like they're having a bit of fun. I bet they're up to something!!! We were four stampers short last week. My sister Wendi had a little one under the weather, her friend and co-worker, Lindsay just had a baby (I told you about that water!!), and Melissa had to stay home with her little ones because her DH was out of town. Our friend and fellow stamper Debbie stopped by to visit and place her order, but I wasn't quick enough to snap her picture before she left. Many of the members of our club have been together since my very first workshop just over 3 years ago. We have so much fun, and enjoy the fellowship so very much. Each one of these gals has become very near and dear to me, and I am eternally grateful for their support, companionship, caring and creative talent that it nearly brings me to tears!! Thank you Sassy ladies! I love you all!


Lauri said...

Oh it looks like you had SO MUCH fun!!!

Catherine said...

I wanna come to the next one! Looks like a great group of ladies, all having such a wonderful time! But where's Miss Lorie in the pics???? Want to see more of your sunny smile!