Monday, May 4, 2009

This Is A Lotta Bull!

No card today. Just a lotta bull!! LITERALLY!! I went to the barn with DH last week to feed the bulls. This time of year, the cows are having their babies, and the bulls have been sorted out of the herd, kept in a seperate lot outside of the pasture, and fed grain twice a day, in addition to the hay and grass they get. They will need all the strength they can get once they are put back in with the cows in June. Need I explain further? ;-)

This is DH giving them their feed. They sure know what those buckets are for, and let me tell ya, they come running when they see them! I stood cautiously back from the feed bunk. Call me crazy, but when I see close to 8,000 pounds of bull coming at a full run toward me, I am smart enough to back off!!
I guess it can truly be said that four heads are better than one. Don't you like those Moe hair cuts these big guys are sporting? They'll shed those shaggy coats soon and be sleek and beautiful for their waiting ladies! Man! Tell me it isn't so! The bucket CAN'T be empty!!!

Did I get any on me, or am I good to go?
Thanks for stopping by today! I'm working on some cards for my next swap, and hopefully I'll have some pictures of the oh, so cute baby calves soon. It's just been too rainy and muddy to get any good pictures. Soon, though...hopefully very soon! Have a blessed day filled with people and things that you love!
Love ya!


Anonymous said...

Your captions crack me up - Love the Moe hairdos!!! Yes, you are smart to be keeping your distance - I would have been using the full zoom feature myself...

Becky said...

Love the moe hairdos..these are beautiful creatures of God, arent you so blessed.

Anonymous said...

Oh what great pictures and what a great opportunity for you and your family. I've been following on the threads even though I haven't been commenting. I envy you - it's hard work but so rewarding. Blessings to you and your family!

Naturliche Body Bliss said...

hehee.. thanks for sharing with us!