Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hangin' By A Thread

Good morning! I've been a little under the weather, and I've been out of the blogging loop for a couple of days. I'm back and feeling better. Definitely like getting some cards made. Today's the day. Cleaning and cards...what could be better, right? Well, that's easy! Forget the cleaning and just do the cards!!! ;-D I hope you don't mind if I share a picture with you today, and what came to my mind as I looked at it.
While enjoying a beautiful day outside a couple of weeks ago, Allen snapped this picture of a caterpillar seeminly suspended in mid air. This little guy was actually hanging by a very delicate thread, no doubt trying to find the perfect place to start spinning a cacoon to morph into a beautiful butterfly. The butterfly. One of God's creatures that make the world a more beautiful place, just by being in it. I couldn't help thinking that this caterpillar might serve a life lesson for us. Do you ever feel like you're the one hanging by a delicate thread? I think we all have times in our lives when we are very much like this catepillar. Hanging by a tiny life line, and looking for a place of comfort and safety where change can make us strong and beautiful. My life line would have to be my faith. My faith that our Lord is good, and is always there, on the other end of my thread, ready to reel me in to the safety and comfort of His loving arms. It's through the warmth, comfort, and safety of His love that we are allowed a glorious change in our lives. A change into a stronger and more beautiful servant of God. Give thanks and praise to God today for change. so that we may make the world a more beautiful place just by being in it!!Thank you so much for stopping by today! I will have a card to share with you tomorrow. I have lots of new stamping toys to play with, so who knows where creativity will lead me! May God bless and keep you within the safety and comfort of His loving arms today and always!
Love Ya!


kadie said...

That's incredible. I was looking at the pic before I read your post and trying to think of all the posibilities...thought maybe it was a question mark or a candle wick...but now I see the little guy. I totally hear ya. I have felt this way many times, even recently. Thank you for sharing these words. HUGS.

Sandra MacLean said...

Well Lorie, you sure know how to bring your readers in for a closer look! LOL I saw this thumbnail in my blogger reads, and HAD to come see what it was! It looked like a person jumping up and down from really far away! And now, after reading your post, I feel all warm and fuzzy. Thank you for this break in my morning. (((Big hugs)))

Barbara said...

Hi, Lorie, what a beautiful reminder of God's miracles and his love. I look in the mirror and see a caterpillar, but I am reminded that He is making me into a beautiful butterfly everyday. All I have to do is to accept His love.

I hope you are feeling better. I have also been under the weather, and I think that phrase is more than just a cliche --- this Missouri weather has quite an effect on my body and energy level. But I do love it here!


Judy McMullen said...

Lorie, thanks for your wonderful are such a blessing to me and I know many others. This little story is just such an illustration of what a light you are to those around you!!! Hugs, Judy

Catherine said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better! {{{get-well-HUGS}}}

What a wonderful post! You are truly a gift storyteller, Lorie. And your little caterpillar friend is a perfect metaphor of the transforming power of faith. I had a similar thought when making the sympathy cards I sent in for Mary's swap - faith can transform grief into hope. Thanks for sharing.

Lauri said...

Hope you are feeling better!! This is a wonderful photo!!!