Friday, August 13, 2010

Toad-ally Awesome Birthday & Blog Candy!!

Good morning, happy Friday the 13th, and Happy Birthday to me!  LOL!!  I'm not usually one to wish myself a happy birthday, but today I'm going to, because I'm so happy to be giving the presents to YOU!!  Today, I'm going to give away this Toad-ally Awesome card, along with an assortment of blog candy for my birthday.  It's just a small token of my appreciation for all of the support and encouragement I get from YOU, my followers each and every day.  To enter all you have to do is #1 Be a follower, and #2 Leave a comment on this post sharing with me one of your favorite birthday memories.  That's it!!  You will have until Sunday, August 15th at midnight (CST) to enter, and I will draw a winner at random on Monday morning.  Please leave me an email or contact info so that I can let you know you won.   Below is a picture of the card, and blog candy.  
 This card was made with some of my new dies from The Scrapping Cottage.  I used  Frog on Lily Pad, Marker Sign, and the Zig-Zag Edger dies, and cut them with colored card stock.  After I assembled the pieces, I colored and did shading with my Copic markers, and added lots of white accents with my white gel pen.  It works just as well to color the colored card stock as it does white.  I cut the fire flies with acetate, and it looks so cute IRL!! 

The candy includes the Simply Sent Card Kit (Remembering You, which includes card stock, embellishments, stamps, and everything you need for an entire set of cards), Stamp sets: Live Like You Mean It, Birthday Whimsy, Congrats, 1 6x6 pad of designer paper (all from Stampin' Up!), and 5 spools of assorted printed ribbon with birthday and congratulations sentiments.

Thanks for stopping by today!  I wish you a blessed day filled with everything YOU love and lots of happy stamping!

Love ya,


scrapn_momof2 said...

Happy Birthday Lorie! Hope it is a great one!!

Your card is adorable. So many details. I love the little fire flies.

One of my most favorite memories involving my birthday is one where my hubby (he was my boyfriend at the time 21 years ago) waited until the last minute to shop for my birthday present (my birthday is in March). What did I get...a stuffed Easter bunny and a bag of pastel colored M&M's. We still joke about it to this day and occassionally that same present makes an appearance for some of my birthdays. ;)

MiamiKel said...

Oh sweetheart, I stopped by today to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and here you are, blessing all of us! You are one of the sweetest girls I know and just such a generous soul in everything you do - enjoy your day, my friend, and I hope He grants to you all things wonderful on this special day - celebrating YOU!!!

Love you!

The Scrapbooking Queen said...

This card is very cute and I have a soft spot for frog my daugther use to collect them I was see frog everywhere for about 4 years LOL
But now to hop to your Birthday
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear.... Lorie Happy Birthday to you.. glad this is in a post and not me singing it personally LOL

The Scrapbooking Queen

Margreet said...

Happy birthday to you....can you hear me sing it????
Wow, love your many details!!!
So sweet of you to give away that fab candy!

Sometimes my birthday is around Easter. When I was a kid my friends always gave me Easter chicken with eggs (candy) as candy....ohhh I hated that....when I kept company with Joop (my husband) I told him, next time when I had birthday around Easter he gave me a beautycase with a blow up bunny on it....then I opened it..and there were 2 fantastic decorated chocolate eggs....they were so pretty that I kept them on my bedroom till we got married...then I donated them to my little brother!
Since then, I never get chickens or eggs any more!

Hope your birthday was a pleasant one!

xxx Margreet

Anonymous said...

Wow - in the top 10 comments! Happy Birthday Lorie ;-). My birthday is on the 4th of July with the best memories spent having a big BBQ at my parent's. Mine was the only one on a holiday and I always felt that the whole country celebrated it with me. Oh I hope I win this wonderful prize!!

sandra said...

My best memory was when my hubby just kissed me in the birthday morning and told me that he didn't buy me anything,I was so sad and mad.
But minute before midnight he gave me big bucket of roses and big silver ring that I was wishing for long time!
Thank you for the chance!

Marlene said...

Happy Birthday!!! What an absolutely adorable card!

My favorite birthday memory is of my 40th birthday, when my (now hubby) took me to see Mama Mia in Toronto. We had such a fabulous weekend there!

אורית said...

Happy birthday Lorie.
The card is amazing - love it.
On one of my birthday - my husband surprised me with a flight to Budapest. He arranged days off with my charge of the department, organized everything and told me about it only when we were on the way to the airport. No doubt I was very surprised, there were tears in my eyes and I could not say a word.That's was one of my best birthday celebrations I had.
Thank you for the chance to win.

Imke said...

Happy Birthday Lorie ! I wish you will have a great day with familiy and friends.

Thanks for offering these fantastic Blog Candy !! I love all these things and perhaps i´m the lucky one....LOL

My birthday in on dec 31. You know there are always fireworks at mignight. So, as i was a child i had it two times. One at 6 pm with my friends we made a "Child Firework" and if i made it till midnight i have the second. I loved this.

Have a fabulous day !!

Hugs, Imke

Tammy E. said...

Happy birthday to you!

This is a toad-ally cute card. Love that frog.

Lauren said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! My favorite birthday memory is my 18th birthday. My aunt purchased a backstage pass to a Reba concert we were going to so I could meet her. it was amazing!

kadie said...

Presents to us on YOUR B-day?? :) Happy Happy Birthday, my sweet friend! I popped onto the sisterhood this morning, but I couldn't resist sending you wishes over here too! And no, YOU'RE TOAD-ALLY AWESOME!! CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CARD!!! And that candy...whooo!
I hoep your day is fabulous and that you're showered with all the things you LOVE. MUAH!

oh, my fave bday memory 3rd bday party when my parents had a party at McDonald's for all my preschool friends...and I got my first Barbie (she was even called "My First Barbie" :)

Theresa said...

Hi Lorie,

Happy Birthday! I hope that you have the best day ever.

My most memorable birthday is both sad and happy. I was diagnosed with breast cancer - I have beat it (it'll be three years this October) and so now every birthday I celebrate my life!

Have an awesome day!

KSinMT said...

Happy birthday, Lori!,
One of my favorite memories was for my husband's and my 50th birthdays. Our birthdays are 1 month apart and for the big 0's our friends usually throw us a joint surprise birthday party. Well we were traveling for our birthdays that year so when we returned I arranged for a surprise party for my husband including clown noses for everyone to wear. But my friends turned it into a joint party thus having me plan 1/2 of my own party.
Thank you for the opportunity to win such cool "candy"! Kathy

Maureen Reiss said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Shouldn't we be giving you a gift? Love this card!! It really is toad-ally cute!! My favorite b-day memory is my 18th, It was a reverse surprise party. There was a knock at my door, and when I answered it all of my friends were standing there yelling Happy Birthday! Thanks for the great giveaway!

Unknown said...

Happy B-day...Hope it's been a wonderful day for you :)
I love your card :0)
My best b-day was my 6th was the only birthday growing up that my dad was ever there for....he was a marine and every birthday...even my birth....he so that was the best :0)

**Treefrog** said...

Happy Birthday to You, Toad-ally Love the card (As you can see I just LOVE the little froggies) My B-day was Wednesday the 11th and I would have to say this was my favorite B-day so far, It was a milestone B-day, turned 50, and the Hubs wouldn't let me do ANYTHING all day but relax and do what I wanted to do, and fixed an amazing dinner also LOL! And tonight we get to celebrate more with friends, they are taking me out to dinner! Hope you have a wonderful Birthday and thanks for thinking of other's on your special day!
Froggie ((Hugs)) Theresa (*Treefrog*)
mccadesmom at gmail dot com

jennyplace2 said...

Your card is to darn cute and such details, I love it. Happy Birthday hope your day is super special. My best Birthday was two years ago, because I made it throu a very bad illness, was not expected to live , but here I m two years later, scrappin my heart out! I count each day as a blessing. Thanks for the chance at the blog candy.

April said...

I hope you have a toad-ally awesome birthday! As one of the most giving people I know, YOU deserve a wonderful day!
Happy Birthday, Sistah!
♥ April

Vonnie G. said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have a great birthday weekend! The card is absolutely beautiful! What a great creation, use of color, etc... great job.


vongar01 at gmail dot com

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Thanks for offering us the goodies! I don't have a favorite memory, all my memories are great! Maybe that's because I'm getting older! Recon? I have a summer birthday and that also may have something to do with it! I especially liked ones where I got to choose what to eat and had a decorated cake!

LadybugCarrie said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you are having a wonderful birthday! I have so many great memories of past birthdays just spending time with family and friends! Can't ask for much more! Thank you for the chance to win!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday to you :) I hope you enjoy your special day! I think my favorite birthday memory is all of the family dinners, and I can't wait for another next weekend!!

Valerie said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day.

I don't really remember any birthday being more special than the others as I never really celebrated big. But I would choose my 21st since three days later I got married.

vflambert at hotmail dot com

Polla said...

Happy Birthday Lorie ! I wish you will have a great day.

Thanks for offering these fantastic blog candy

In the past year on my B-day my husband was a business trip, called me, but forgot about my birthday:)

Patti said...

First of all, let me wish you a Happy Birthday. I share the same sign with you, I think. Leo???? My favorite birthday memory is my last couple birthdays I celebrated at my local scrapbook store. It was so fun, my ladies even decorated my table.


Rufus said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! One of my best memories of my birthday was getting married to my DH! Yup, got married on my birthday. That def. made for some good memories. Thanks for the chance at your yummy candy. That's a cute froggie card! Hope that you had a Great day!

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing with us!

AJoy said...

My grandmother to me to a store, not sure the name but still remember where it was located. She purchased me my very first ring. It was a simple, petite, birthstone ring. I loved her very much! God rest her soul.

nginerd at gmail dot com

Jackie said...

Belated Happy Birthday Lorie, I hope you had a fabulous day :o)

Favourite birthday memory! Probably my 60th a few years ago. I was at work getting on with what I had to do when I was called over the tannoy to go to the personnel office, (that's what it was called in those days). Everyone was there and they presented me with a huge bouquet and chocolates and I cried :o)
Jackie xx

Adeline Ng said...

Happy Blessed birthday Lorie. And I love your card, toad-ally wonderful :-)

My most memorial birthday last year when hubby ordered longevity buns for me instead of birthday cake!

Enjoy your day sweetie


Jessie said...

Happy birthday Lorie! I hope you have a wonderful day! One of my fave birthday memories is for my 30th birthday, the whole family got together for dinner which doesn't normally happen so it was really fun. Thanks for the chance to win :)

Pat Bowman said...

Hi Lorie, I'm a little late stopping by but I wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday! I hope your day was great! My favorite birthday memories are from when I was a little girl. I had three siblings, and I always remember my Mom making an angel food cake whenever someone had a birthday. She always made it by hand, too. Yummy good times!!

paperpapier said...

Happy Birthday to you and may your days ahead will be as sweet as today.
Thank you for the chance to win your awesome goodies.

Stephanie aka Nerdette said...

Happiest Birthday wishes!

One of my favorite birthday memories was when I was a teenager. I had been fighting with my parents leading up to my 16th birthday. My girlfriends at school surprised me for my birthday by decorating my locker and they had all chipped in and bought me some clothing from the Gap. I was so surprised. It's a great memory.

I love the little sentiment for your card. Its Toad-ally cute!

nikkicreates said...

Hope your special day was a special one

nikkicreates at blogspot dot com

Seoulscrappin' said...

Happy Birthday Lorie ... You are 'toadally' awesome for offering us a gift on your big day! Thanks for jogging me down Memory Lane too!

My favorite birthday has to be in 2001 ... newly married to the most awesome guy and he surprised me with a curio cabinet for my camel collection (well the whole collection doesn't fit there but ...)

While on the journey for this comment I talked with my daughter and she reminded me of a very, very special birthday gift I gave her ... her birthday is 3 days after Christmas and that year I hung balloons on fishing line from the ceiling of her bedroom after she went to sleep (she was 5) so she woke to a sky of balloon clouds and streamers! She said it was 'toadally' fantastic!

Celeste B. said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!! I hope it is a wonderful one!!!! Thank you for sharing with us! :)

Ansa said...

What a cute froggie card!
I found your blog by checking out Peachy Keen's blog. I love finding new blogs to follow!

My favorite bday memory would have to be my 30th bday. My husband threw a surprise party for me and surprised me with tickets to the last white sox game at their old ball park, Comiskey Park.
Gosh I miss that ballpark but I miss my husband more (he died 7 years later of a heart attack).

Ive heard of Peachy Keen stamps but wasnt really sure how often I could use them but with all these wonderful blogs and different ideas....I know Im going to have to get a set. They are too darn cute.


gocanucksgo said...

Hi Lorie! Happy belated birthday!!! I hope you had a fantastic day filled with lots of friends, family, and cake =) My favourite birthday memory would have to be when both my parents and friends got me the same present =/ It was tickets to go see Cinderella the musical and I ended up going with my friends. Right before I was opening my presents, I had told them I got tickets to go see Cinderella and then I opened their present ... eek lol. Thanks and keep up the amazing work =)

Lisa B said...

Oh Lorie!!!!!!! Happy Birthday..Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday! I hope you had a fantastic day! And what I heard about Allen I don't think he disappointed. When I watched your video and you showed his chair I was sooooooo jealous. I would only wish that my hubby would show some interest. Now if he sat in my office it will probably totally throw me off & I couldn't do a thing.

You know my favorite bday memory would probably the ones I shared with my kids. I haven't had a birthday cake in years..probably atleast 10 years. I somehow end up being put on the backburner. This year I was kinda depressed because it was another birthday without my kids and another birthday spending it alone..and yet another birthday without a cake. I told my friends that I was used to it and I haven't gotten a cake in ages (keep in mind I am busy making them all ones from scratch..arghh). That night I the doorbell rang and it was 3 of my neighbors & friends with a cake and a bottle of wine! I wanted to sounds silly how such a little piece of cake could mean so much!

Shelly said...

Wishing you a blessed birthday, Lorie!!! You're so sweet to offer candy on your special day. Thank you for a chance to win all of this awesome stuff. The card is adorable. You work wonders with your Copics!

My favorite memory is having a party with other kids as guests when I was about 7. I was sick a lot, so this was a big treat. My artistic sister drew a caricature of me and we all played "Pin the Ponytail on Shelly. :)

(LaTonya) Lady and A Laptop said...

I love your cards. It is toadally awesome. Happy Birthday to you! I hope you enjoyed it. I didn't have many birthday parties because my birthday is at the end of August and most of the time we were getting ready for school so money was a little tight. My most memorable birthday was when I turned 21. Boy did I have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a
wonderful day.
Thanks for a chance to win!

Robin said...

Happy Birthday!! I just discovered your blog tonight or should I say good morning it is 2:39am and I am learning about blogs and I have no idea what blog candy is but...maybe I will find out!!I love to stamp and cut and paste are my passion..My birthday is Sept 27 and my favorite memories are of the day my mom took me out for my birthday to Rebecca's Tea room in Amish country...we had tea in china cups and wonderful food but most of all bonding time with my mom and then off to the craft store...and other best is the homemade breakfast in bed from my son Tanner last was a very interesting breakfast to say the least...Birthday Blessings to YOU!

Kim H said...

Happy Birthday Lorie!
My favorite was this year! My wonderful husband always askes me what I want... I usually say... NOTHING! Then I changed my mind! I told him that I would take care of it because I know the ins and out of coupons! I got myself a Cuttlebug with a ton of folders! Know i know this sounds horrible and vain but see we now have a 4 year old son. He loves to give gifts for our special day! Well if anyone could see the look on his little face when I opened my gifts up it was PRICELESS! He said mommy we got this so you can do my scrapbook! Well my husband and I just laughed! it really isn't about me going to get it or my husband not but about that little boy who we just adore and how we made his day!
Kim H

cheri said...

Happy Happy Birthday!
Just found you on Peachy Keen Site!
My birthday is in July and I have lots of wonderful memories! Some of the best are of parties on our beach with raw egg toss, bonfires, and sharing my cherry cake with cherry frosting with my friends and family!

lifesabeach32940 said...

Hi Lori,

We share a BIRTHDAY!! Minie is also the 13th!! :)

I just saw your card on the Scrapping Cottage blogspot and realized that you had a blog of your own. I came over to see if you listed what patterned paper you used for this AWESOME card!! WOW ... You are CREATIVE!! If you have time and could share the name of the patterned paper you used, I'd appreciate it!! :) Judy