Monday, October 25, 2010

The Great Paper Cutter Caper

With all the wonderful things I experienced at my Copic Intermediate Certification class, I  do feel compelled to share a  story with you., and I assure it's a story that I'm laughing about now.   I'm going to have a little fun with what happened, and let YOU, my readers give me your opinion on what YOU think happened in this Great Paper Cutter Caper for a chance to win a free stamp set.   This is my story, and it's my hope that you will see the humor in it as I do, because that's truly why I'm sharing it.  It's just too good to keep to one's self, and honestly, what ARE the chances?

 A few weeks ago, I was asked to fill out a designer spotlight form for Peachy Keen Stamps, and one of the questions on that form was, "You're asked to get crafty in a room with absolutely no supplies -you can bring five tools. What do you bring with you?" One of my top five things that I cannot do without for my crafting is my Making Memories self sharpening paper cutter.  That was one of my answers on my spotlight form, and anyone who has had a paper crafting tool discussion with me will also know that I sing the praises of this piece of equipment!  I LOVE my MM paper cutter, and this is what it looks like.
So, a paper cutter was on the list of supplies that we should bring to our Copic class, and mine went with me for that purpose, and also because I needed to cut card stock and prepare materials for the class I was teaching on Saturday.  I did indeed cut card stock for that class on Thursday evening in my hotel room, and my paper cutter was working just beautifully as always.  I gathered my supplies and placed them all in my "My Creative Time" bag that was gifted to me by my sweet friend Emma at CHA, and that bag was placed under the table at my feet for the duration of the Copic class on Friday.  

Our class started at 9 a.m., and we spent an incredible 3+ hours learning all the wonderful things that Maryann had to share with us, taking a break for lunch around 12:30.  Then it was back to class for more instruction and a chance to actually start coloring and putting some of our new found knowledge to the test. 
We took our break for dinner around 4 p.m., and I chose to leave my bag with everything in it just as I had at the lunch break, and I had no worries whatsoever about doing so.  We came back to begin the make and take portion of our class, and I will share with you that this project included a sheet of chipboard that needed to be cut in half.  When I sat down at the table, I noticed that the person sitting next to me had already begun working on their project, and their chipboard had been cut.  Honestly I was very surprised at the condition of it.  It looked like something had gnawed the chipboard in two, and this person was feverishly sanding on it trying to smooth up that frayed and gnarled edge.  I didn't think too much about it, but I did feel  bad that the project obviously wasn't turning out the way they had hoped, and honestly, I was a little worried that I would be struggling with it as well.  I went on to begin my project, and got to the point where I was ready to cut my chipboard.  I picked up my paper cutter, and  I looked at my paper cutter, then looked at the chip board, and I said out loud, "Oh, I don't think this is a good idea.".  The chipboard was very obviously to me, too thick for my particular paper cutter, and it does say on the top of the paper cutter that 2 sheets of card stock is the max that should be cut at one time.  The person next to me heard what I'd said, and leaned over toward me  a bit to state "That won't cut it.".  Well, I had pretty much figured that part out, BUT, I was glad for another opinion to confirm what I suspected, so I put my paper cutter away, and got out my heavy duty scissors to cut my chipboard.  I continued to work on my project, and got to the point where I was ready to cut the card stock that my image was stamped and colored on, and  of course I got out my  beloved  paper cutter for that. ;-)  Only one sheet and a piece of cake, right?  When I made the first cut, I commented to my friend, Kathy that something wasn't right with it.  It was doing more chewing than cutting, and it really looked like I had distressed the edges  of that card stock instead of cutting it, but, not thinking too much about it, I decided I was okay with that look, and went with it.  I knew there was something "not quite right" with my top five favorite paper crafting tool, but I really didn't have a clue what would cause that, as I'd never experienced anything like it before.  With the rush to try and complete as much of my project as possible before our time was up, I put my paper cutter back in the bag, and moved on.  

I will note that the person sitting next to me became continually frustrated as time went along, stating that they weren't happy with their coloring, and a multitude of other complaints about their work, and that person finally put their make and take project away and worked on something completely different than what we were given.  I smiled and acknowledged their obvious disdain for their work, and commented that sometimes that happens to all of us, and especially when we feel like we're trying to get something finished in a short amount of time.

I completed as much of my project as time would allow, and gathered my things, preparing to make the long trek home, as it's about a 6 hour drive from Chicago to my home in north central Missouri.  I honestly didn't think another thing about why my paper cutter was acting so funny until after I arrived home and laid my head on the pillow somewhere around 4 a.m.  At the point where I was just about to drift off to sleep, my eyes popped wide open, and the thought struck me like a bolt of lightning, but I convinced myself that it was probably my imagination,  that I'd check my paper cutter out in the morning and it would most likely be working just fine.  I was just too tired to think about it! 

So morning comes, and despite the fact that I was running on only about 4 hours sleep, I jump up and ran to the craft room where I had dropped all of my things when I arrived home earlier that morning.  I grabbed my paper cutter and plopped down in my comfy chair to try it out, because I just knew that I had imagined all of this, due to a lack of sleep, and the excitement of all that had gone on in the past few days.  I pulled a piece of scrap card stock out, and proceeded to cut away, only to find that my paper cutter was indeed distressing the paper as opposed to cutting it.  *insert sad face here*  I knew what needed to be done next and that was to take the entire thing apart to get to the rotary blade to try and locate what the problem was.  As I took the blade housing apart, and released the rotary blade from the spring mechanism that holds it in place, it was very noticiable that there were notches and nicks out of the blade.  It almost looked like the blade had come out of the track it follows for sharpening, and actually hit the sharpening guide, causing it to take chunks out of the blade.    Hmmmm...  Now how did THAT happen??   At this point, I really thought that I could buy a replacement blade, and it would work just fine once again, but I did notice that there was a lot of what appeared to be paper stuck in the track where the blade should be sharpening each time it cuts a piece of paper.  You know how you get used to the way your equipment sounds?  Well, each time I ran the cutting blade the length of the track, it just didn't sound right.  That blade just bumped along, and the sound was nothing like what I remembered only two days before.

I quickly realized that when I did replace the blade for my cutter, it wasn't going to track or cut  right if the track was full of paper particles, so I went ahead and completely cleaned out the track with my X-Acto knife.  Upon removing all of the debris, which  there was a lot of, I noticed it was a dull gray in color, the same color as chipboard, BTW.  Once the paper debris was cleared, I could clearly see that the track was actually bent, and it was then that I resolved myself to the fact that my paper cutter had cut it's last sheet of card stock, and that I could kiss it goodbye. 

Well, this is my story.  I will tell you that I an not the least bit upset about this.  I didn't actually "see" anything happen with my own two eyes.   I have NO idea what really happened, and I'm not going to make that call. Maybe I watch waaaaaaay too much Investigation Discovery, and this is all in my imagination?  Who knows??  What I do know is that there is NOTHING wrong with making mistakes.  I make them all the time, and thank Heaven I do, because I can honestly say that I learn from them.  Most of the time, I think mistakes can be considered blessings, just for that reason.  I also know that I have gone through enough in my life to know that "things" don't matter.  That's why I'm not upset about this.  While it was an unexpected expense, and an  inconvenience to have to replace my paper cutter, which has already been replaced, BTW, it's a thing, and things don't matter at all.  People are what matter, and I have far too much love and respect for people to  NOT take responsibility for MY mistakes and at least attempt to make things right, when I've made a mistake.  What do you think?   Please feel free to leave me a comment and tell me what YOU suspect might have happened, in the Great Paper Cutter Caper, and you will be entered to  win  the following adorable stamp set from Peachy Keen Stamps.  My dear hubby is anxious to see how creative my crafty friends really are with their scenarios, so I'm going to let him choose the winning entry.  I'll leave this mystery open for comments until Sunday, October 31st , yes... Halloween... at the stroke of midnight.  The winner will be announced on my Monday morning blog post.

PK-609 Build A Scarecrow   

Thanks for stopping by today, and thank you for humoring me with my story.  I'm looking forward to your thoughts, and I wish you a beautiful day filled with lots of love, a chance to learn from your mistakes, and of course, happy stamping!

Love ya,



Glora said...

Oh Lorie, I can only imagine what happened. You are such a good sport not to be upset about it. You are right things are only things and people are what really matter. So here is my scenerio.

Lorie is away, and Madame X, see's Lorie's cutter. "Oh, I need to cut this chipboard," she says to herself. "I will just borrow this cutter real quick."

Madame X, starts to cut the chipboard. "Why this paper cutter doesn't cut chipboard well at all." Then she feverishly attempts to sand the edges and make it somewhat presentable.

Lorie returns to her supplies and is thinking about cutting the chipboard with her cutter. Madame X says, "Oh, that won't cut it." And of course she knows, because she already tried, but unfortunately she was afraid to mention that fact. Some things are just a little too embarrasing to admit.

The end.

Anonymous said...

Well from reading all the evidence of this case... I have come to the conclusion that no matter how much you have trust and love in your heart for people, you really need to watch your back... Well it seems to me that the lady sitting next to you wanted to borrow your cutter.. Well did borrow it and broke it.. But just let it go when she realized it didn't cut properly...
I just feel that people in this world should respect other's peoples property and man o man fess up to the crime you commit....

Nikki Foraker said...

I blame Kathy. Nuff said! She's a *insert our special explitive here*


♥ Nikki ♥

Janice W. said...

Hi Lorie,
Please don't post this as I am not in for the prize. You are amazing. So kind and forgiving. Of course I believe the person next to you borrowed your cutter, broke it and didn't have the courage to tell you what happened. I agree it is just a thing, and it doesn't matter. I would feel so violated if I believed that happened to me. I don't like dishonesty, or sneakiness and probably would have been pretty crabby about it. I try to live my life by being kind and loving, but I am not as gracious as you. You are such an inspiration and I am so blessed to know you. I appreciate your wisdom and kindness.
Love and hugs, Janice

Debra said...

I am really sorry that happened to you, but I had to giggle when you said you watch to much ID. I am hooked on that!! So either your neighbor used your cutter to cut her chipboard, or it was Colonel Mustard, in the library, with a candlestick :P)

Celeste B. said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the cutter (it sounds like a really nice one - I may need to invest in that one). I think I came to the same conclusion that I'm assuming you came to. I would hate to point fingers, just because I wasn't there; but it sounds like when she told you that your cutter wouldn't cut the chipboard it was because of experience rather than opinion (if you catch my drift). That's too bad!!! I have to say I admire how you took the whole situation! It takes some people a long time to realize that things are just THINGS! Hugs and love to for that!!!! :)

Brigitte said...

I think that the mysterious lady, let's call her Pissyla, had a fight with her husband before coming to the Certification class. She then proceed to walk out the door and stepped in a pile of, you guessed it, pumpkin murder juice! Now, by that time, Pissyla was pretty upset and to make it worse, she was sitting beside Lorie, the famous and talented crafter.
As the day progressed, everything she made was turning in a big pile of scrap paper. After supper, she was alone in the room, snickily, she reached into the My Creative Time bag and grabbed the paper cutter. She then proceeded to cut the chipboard and completely destroy the amazing cutter.
After the class, she came back home to find her husband having late night snack with ...da, da, da
the dog.

This is my story and I'm sticking to it!!!

hgregory8558 said...

Ok I am not going to state the obvious ending to the story! I think while you were at lunch the instructor came in and saw your trimmer. She probably got excited because she forgot hers at home. So she quickly went around the room finding the cardstock from other peoples stacks. She cut one and it got a little stuck. Then she cut another one and torn edges. She then saw the sign up at the top but didn't say anything to the mysterious person sitting beside you. She told that person that they could use your cutter but to make sure to put it back in your bag. Then that person tried to cut the card stock only to find that it really ripped instead of tear. She got nervous thinking she had messed up your cutter and quietly slipped your cutter back in your bag... so the INSTRUCTOR was the original perpetrator (spelling) LOL

Funny story BTW!! Thanks for the chance to win those neat PKS!!

eiyiyi said...

You are all so very kind and generous of spirit. I think she wanted to cut her chipboard and didn't really care whose cutter she used. And I don't really think that she cared whether she broke it or not. there are just some people out there who are simply all about themselves. I'm just sorry she ended up sitting next to you! Although it's probably a good thing she didn't end up sitting next to me.

And now on to all things happen for a reason. Just yesterday I took myself to Michaels and bought the self-same wonder cutter. I love it but didn't really read the bit about only use cardstock and not more than 2 sheets. Had it not been for the dreadful woman next to you, I'm sure my cutter would be chewing up things as well.

I hope you were at least able to use a 40% off coupon to replace your beloved cutter. hugs, eileen

jennyplace2 said...

Well I would say that darn Button's did it again! This is a standing joke at our house, when no one will amit to something, so we all blame our poor precious baby girl.( Buttons is our 4 lb dog)
I am sorry to hear about your cutter it is so sad that it happened to such a nice person.

KathyJ Peachy Keen Stamps said...

OMG... this is the greatest flippin post ever! I think I know what happened to it!! When you were not looking, I used the paper cutter to cut the calluses off of my feet.. I may have broke the paper cutter but I slipped the shavings into your neighbors water bottle.. HA HA HA HA HA.. I don't watch enough tv and I leave it to my crazy mind to entertain me! Those chipboard chunks were from the bottoms of my shoes!! :) Love Ya!! I'm with Nikki!! HA HA HA.. YOU ARE JUST TOO NICE and some people just SUCK!

eiyiyi said...

P.S. ... since I'm the one who benefitted from the ruination of your cutter, I probably should have been the one to replace it. Rats, too bad we don't live closer to each other. eileen

Sharon said...

Well, I think the lady (but I'm not sure I would call her a lady) that was sitting next to you decided to use your cutter without asking. Which is a no-no in my book. Always ask nicely!! When she realized that she had broken your cutter, she shoved it back in your bag and acted like nothing happened
until you get it out to use. Then she mistakely said that it won't cut that. Revealing her guilt. Then when you tried to cut your cardstock and it chewed it up and then you seem fine about it, her guilt started chewing her up inside. That is why she got so upset with her chipboard and her project. She couldn't work on it with all of the guilt that she had but it wasn't enough to fess up to what she had done and replace your cutter!
You are such a good person to not be upset. I think I would have been upset at first. :)

Christina said...

Oh I say the coyote was trying to trim his big picture of the road. But the Roadrunner went by before he was finished. Beep Beep lol
What ever happened to people asking before touching? I believe in Karma! So none of her cuts will be good till this time next year.

Cheryl said...

It was the butler in the dining it was the maid in the kitchen pantry...No it was the Bad Attitude Dame with no manners that you had the bad fortune of having sit next to you at the training. This person could have saved some face if she would have fessed up to the dirty deed -- but since she didn't -- I'd say banish her to Craftless Island -- which is full of unruly and ill-mannered wanna-be good-girl crafters!!

Anonymous said...

I think a paper pack was tired of watching their precious card stock cousins getting murdered just for your crafting addiction, so they decided to put an end to your oh so amazing trimmer hoping all the their cousins could survive, little did they know it would only be for another day. ;)

I'm so sorry some people are just rude!

April said...

The conclusion, of course, of the Great Cutter Caper can be condensed here:
The Copic Certified Cutie (aka Lorie) considers courtesy common-place. The Chippy next to our CCC coveted the cutter and conveniently cut the chipboard with out the COURTESY of asking.
The moral of the story?
Confession is good for the soul.

April said...

I forgot to add my condolences b/c surely the cutter will be cremated

Christie said...

I think that Ms. Neighbor didn't have anything to cut her chipboard with. So when she was looking around, she saw your beautiful cutter staring at her. She looked around to see if you were around to use it and when she didn't see you she just helped herself to your magnificent piece of machinery. Once she tried to cut her chipboard she realized that it wasn't going to work without putting some elbow grease into it and she had to hurry because you were going to be coming back at any moment. So she shoved, pushed, and sawed and realized it was too late for her chipboard. Then ever so sneakily Ms. Neighbor put your precious cutter back.

Thanks so much for the chance to win.

grandmafairymary said...

Did you that every October 13th a door opens to the world of Halloween creatures? The door only stays open until MIDNIGHT on October 31st. Any creature that does not pass back through the door is stuck here until next October 13th when the door reopens.

Well what else you might not have known was while you were listening to Maryann’s fabulous instructions was your class was being watched. Through the window, standing in the bushes was a dark shadowy figure… As the afternoon progressed and you fell into the false sense of security the figure was biding it’s time. Then the perfect opportunity to strike as the classroom emptied the figure snuck in the side door! The culprit began to work quickly… knowing just what supplies to gather after watching all afternoon… an ATG gun, glue dots, ribbon, chipboard, and your MM cutter! The culprit completed its project and was gone before there was any opportunity of their detection.

Unfortunately… the project destroyed your beloved cutter. Now as sad as the loss of your cutter is there are several happy endings to this Caper! You were able to replace your cutter though an inconvenience and an unexpected expense and completion of the culprit’s project.

Oh who was the culprit you wonder… It was none other than Witch LISA JEAN Halloween. She has been stranded here since last October 31st. Her broom cracked after running into a low flying group of TRICK -or- TREAT GHOSTS and crashed into a tree. FRANKLY, I am sure she didn’t mean to destroy your cutter she just wanted to make a splint for her broom and get home to her HAUNTED PUMPKIN HOUSE. You see LISA JEAN missed her husband HERBY and her NIKKITY KNACK CAT so much she was willing to try anything to get home. I know that you will find some consolation in knowing that LISA JEAN is safe back surrounded by her PUMPKIN HOUSE ACESSORIES sharing an EEKER BEAKER of Witches Brew with her neighbor, FUZZY SPIDER. I know she thinks it would be PEACHY KEEN to apologize to you SWEET FOLKS and wish you WARM WITCHY WISHES but she is a little BOO-PED out right now.

Well that’s my theory anyway…

Anonymous said...

Oh Lorie, my sweet generous friend. I do believe that your table mate may have used your cutter to attempt to cut her chipboard, thinking that you weren't at the table to ask and (being the sweet natured person you are) that you probably wouldn't mind if she borrowed it. She probably thought that the blade was dull and at first was maybe annoyed with your cutter...once she realized that it wasn't cutting for you, she was probably annoyed with herself for possibly ruining your cutter but not knowing for sure, wasn't going to own up to it...the further along the class went I am sure the more embarrassed she was in the knowledge that it was indeed ruined and now it was to late in her humble opinion to own up to her mistake. I am guessing that the initial incident was indeed an innocent act of just "borrowing" your supplies but it turned into a bigger thing...I know your kind spirit is not angry, heaven knows you have been through way too much stuff to worry about "things" rather than people, but I am guessing your table partner does not know this and is probably suffering some self imposed guilt and punishement....Bless you Lorie for being the kind, wonderful, generous person you are...I am blessed to have you as a friend.


Stephanie aka Nerdette said...

Funny story, not so funny ending for you. I have to agree with everyone above I think the mystery lady at your table was speaking from experience when she said your cutter would not work on the chipboard, she had already tried her hand at it with yours.

Tami B. said...

I can't possibly top some of the scenarios above, but I did get a real good chuckle out of some of them. Kudos to you for handling the situation with much grace & dignity.

bumblebee creations said...

I hurried and jumped to to the end of comments, as I didn't want to read everyones replies before I put my own in--so, I am so sorry to say Lori--but I think you were "cut deep" by the disgruntled woman next to you in your class! Probably one of the biggest reasons that she seemed so filled with anxiety, and in such a hurry to sand her project down--and a good reason why she knew "that won't cut it"!!!! Such a shame she didn't at least have the decency to explain to you that she had used your item without your approval--she should have offered to purchase a new one for you!! I know I wouldn't have used the items with out the ok first--but if I did dare-and knew it got broke--I would have ran right out and bought a new one for whomever owned it!
I am so sorry this happened to you! What a hard way to learn that not everyone can be trusted--even if you have sat by them all day and your first impression is that they are ok! we always seem to think others will act as we know we would--but unfortunately it is just not true in this world anymore!

Katie W. said...

I think it was the cutters fault...wait hear me out. See the lady next to you was already in a bad mood because of the her bad coloring job and the cutter was fed up with listening to her whine. So as a payback the cutter leaped out of your bag and tried to attack her but she used her chipboard as a shield. The lady didn't want to admit to it because who would believe anyone who says a cutter attempted to attack them. Therefore, to avoid being placed in an insane asylum with those funny looking stray jackets she kept her mouth shut.