Monday, November 1, 2010

We Have A Winner

Hello, and good day to you, my stamping friends!!  As promised, I have a winner from my Great Paper Cutter Caper post.  Thank you all so very much for your entertaining scenarios of what might have befallen my favorite Making Memories paper cutter.  Allen and I were very entertained and enjoyed all the funny and creative responses.  After much deliberation, because there were so many great choices, Allen and I both decided that there had to be a tie for first place.  Our first winner is...

Who left this cute and condensed version:
The conclusion, of course, of the Great Cutter Caper can be condensed here:
The Copic Certified Cutie (aka Lorie) considers courtesy common-place. The Chippy next to our CCC coveted the cutter and conveniently cut the chipboard with out the COURTESY of asking.
The moral of the story?
Confession is good for the soul.
I forgot to add my condolences b/c surely the cutter will be cremated

Allen liked this so much, because April called me the Copic Certified Cutie.  (I promised him I'd share that with you) LOL!!!  Certifiable is more like it, but thank you April!!!  Al also liked the "Confession is good for the soul part.  Very well done, April!!
Our next winner is...
Mary's VERY creative story, which managed to include so many of the newest PKS stamp sets is as follows...

 Did you that every October 13th a door opens to the world of Halloween creatures? The door only stays open until MIDNIGHT on October 31st. Any creature that does not pass back through the door is stuck here until next October 13th when the door reopens. Well what else you might not have known was while you were listening to Maryann’s fabulous instructions was your class was being watched. Through the window, standing in the bushes was a dark shadowy figure… As the afternoon progressed and you fell into the false sense of security the figure was biding it’s time. Then the perfect opportunity to strike as the classroom emptied the figure snuck in the side door! The culprit began to work quickly… knowing just what supplies to gather after watching all afternoon… an ATG gun, glue dots, ribbon, chipboard, and your MM cutter! The culprit completed its project and was gone before there was any opportunity of their detection.

Unfortunately… the project destroyed your beloved cutter. Now as sad as the loss of your cutter is there are several happy endings to this Caper! You were able to replace your cutter though an inconvenience and an unexpected expense and completion of the culprit’s project.

Oh who was the culprit you wonder… It was none other than Witch LISA JEAN Halloween. She has been stranded here since last October 31st. Her broom cracked after running into a low flying group of TRICK -or- TREAT GHOSTS and crashed into a tree. FRANKLY, I am sure she didn’t mean to destroy your cutter she just wanted to make a splint for her broom and get home to her HAUNTED PUMPKIN HOUSE. You see LISA JEAN missed her husband HERBY and her NIKKITY KNACK CAT so much she was willing to try anything to get home. I know that you will find some consolation in knowing that LISA JEAN is safe back surrounded by her PUMPKIN HOUSE ACESSORIES sharing an EEKER BEAKER of Witches Brew with her neighbor, FUZZY SPIDER. I know she thinks it would be PEACHY KEEN to apologize to you SWEET FOLKS and wish you WARM WITCHY WISHES but she is a little BOO-PED out right now. Well that’s my theory anyway…

I have to say that this one REALLY took some creative thought!  Mary, I have the PK 620 Halloween Pumpkins stamp set for you.  I don't have your contact information, though, so please email me at foreverstampin at gmail dot com and leave me your mailing address so that I can send you your prize.  

I can't close without giving Kathy J. an honorable mention for her side splitting rendition of events!  Once again, thank you all so much for playing along!  It was a great way to turn something negative into something fun and positive, and I'm so happy you were willing to help me do that!  Have a blessed day my friends, and of course happy stamping!
Love ya,



grandmafairymary said...

Congrats to April! Loved your scenario!

I am glad that you found some humor in my scenario, although, in reality it was not so humorous.. :(

If you haven’t guessed by now… I love all the PKS stamp sets... you and the rest of the design team are all so talented!!

Thanks so much for the prize, it is so very generous of you!

God Bless you and your family!
From the bottom of my heart! Thanks again!

April said...

I hate to say it Lorie (and Al, too) but I am still chuckling over all of the conclusions!! I am sure that poor woman is still dealing with the guilt surrounding her mis-use of your beloved cutter!

Thanks for picking my conclusion...and wtg Mary on yours!!


Sharon said...

Congrats winners!! :)

Grenouille Greetings said...

Wow Lorie - I have so enjoyed my journey through your blog today after I have been MIA for weeks and weeks (vacationing in Florida). You have made some fabulous creations. I have especially enjoyed all of your Halloween cards. Your colour work is superb! Thank you too for the tutorial for the sour cream pouches. I have seen the finished product several times but now I know how to make them myself and hope to give them a try. I am sorry your much-loved paper cutter died. RIP! Let's hope the culprit is feeling guilty. Finally - I have to say that your little four legged furries look adorable. As adorable as all of your creations! Thank you for sharing. Warmest wishes, Lesley

Rufus said...

While it was a sad event, may your cutter RIP, the responses were hilarious! Congrats to the winners! Wonder if you seatmate has been reading??

Janice W. said...

Congrats winners. Lorie this was such fun! I really enjoyed reading them!

MiamiKel said...

Woooohoooooooo! How fun! Congrats to the winners!